Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GEO ♥ WCO-24 Dreamy Special


Diameter: 15.0mm

Review on Luxurybabe 12 Brown

LuxuryBabe 12 Brown
Manufacturer: Belmore INC
Diameter: 16.0mm
Water Content:45%

Normal Lighting

I love their design. Really. I have wanted a pair of gold lenses for so long and these really are gold. I love the thin sort of black limbal ring. The design of these lenses sort of remind me of the Vassen Vivian 3 tone series.I don't normally go for brown lenses but the common trait that each of the lenses in the LuxuryBabe 12 series has is the streaks of yellow. While in my opinion that sort of looks weird on some of the other colors in this series I think that trait looks absolutely gorgeous with the brown. These lenses aren't really brown though. But I like my brown lenses to be more yellow/gold than brown so these are really quite perfect for me.

The comfort for these is so lovely. These lenses are by Belmore and Belmore also makes Fynale lenses. These lenses are as incredibly thin as my Fynale Honoo greens(review: here) and the water content is nearly the same. I wore them for about 9 hours today. They started to get dry towards the end and I probably could've worn them for longer if eye drops were applied but I decided to just take them out. 

These lenses say they are 16mm or whatever but they really aren't. I feel like Belmore INC makes smaller circle lenses. And that is really fine by me because I bought them for their design. They do enlarge, but the enlargement is more like a 14.5mm lens. These even give me a little baby halo effect.


I just love these. In my opinion they are lovely and vampy. The color is not really natural at all so if you were looking for a brown lens I wouldn't recommend these. They are goldish yellow.I love their goldish yellowishness though. I think its SPLENDID.

Monday, July 30, 2012


GEO x-TRA 15.0mm


OEM: Disney Lens
Manufacturer: GEO
Brown and Grey : 0.00 to -3.00
Blue and Violet: 0.00 Only

Grey and Brown (plano to -5.00)
Blue and Violet (Plano Only)
*We carry only -0.50 per step


Manufacturer: GEO

Grey and Brown (plano to -5.00)
Blue and Violet (Plano Only)
*We carry only -0.50 per step

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Get a pair of FYNALE lenses at $20/ pair !!!!!

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 FYNALE/ 148/ Classic 
(Fynale is available in  HANI, NEKO and KIWI)
Normal Price: $25.00

BUY 1 Pair @ $22.50
BUY 2 Pairs @ $40.00

*While stock lasts
Offer does not combine with any other discounts, such as Facebook/ VIP discount.

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For closeup photo, please visit here

Friday, July 27, 2012

Review - Candylicious Sweet 3 Tone Grey

Phwoar what a mouthful right? xD

So these are the lenses that I am going to review and to be honest, they are fantastic. I did a photo shoot afterwards because I just wanted to and didn't see the point glamming myself up and not taking pictures so let's get on with the review!!

Colour/Design = 9/10!

Yes, the colour is absolutely lovely. From the name of the lens, it has a three tone effect with the inner circle being a light brown which then blends into a light grey and then into a darker grey on the rim of the lenses. That sort of effect is absolutely beautiful because they make your eyes look so sweet and calm and almost innocent in a way!

I also think that the type of grey is different than that of the Sesame Grey. I'm not sure why but these feel more softer and give your face a soft gleam to it.

Enlargement = 8/10!

Yes, the enlargement is not as much as I had wanted them to be, but because they are a diameter of around 14-14.2mm, it's to be expected. Also, because of the fact that it doesn't have a dark ring around the outer edges, it's why it does not have such a big enlargening effect. I'm not that bothered by it because the design just kicks ass xD but I would have liked just a little more enlargement. These are perfect if you want your eyes to look really natural and even though they're circle lenses, they really don't look like them at all :3 That can be a good or bad thing depending on what type of lens you're going for :)

Because these are really natural, the type of make-up that would go with it is subtle, definitely not the dramatic make-up like Hime-gyaru and Rokku because it will overpower the lenses. Oneegyaru is absolutely fine for these!

Comfort = 8.5/10!

The reason why I gave it this rating is because it's not like my other lenses. These dry out my eyes after 2-3 hours; I think that if youure going to buy these lenses, you should only if you know that you're going to be wearing them for a short period of time, but my eyes would be completely different to yours so if you want to test them out longer than 3 hours, I strongly recommend doing it!!

Overall, these lenses are amazing and the most natural pair that I currently own. The way that it completely changes the face just from the colour is impeccable and if I didn't want to scare someone with Gyaru, then I would wear these. They make you look fresh and most of all, they enhance your beauty tenfold!!

You can view the video review on Youtube.


 Luxury Babe 23 
Crystal/ Mavis Look Alike

Manufacturer: Belmore INC
Diameter: 16.0mm
Water Content: 45%
Prescription: Plano to -6.00
GREEN is not available


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