Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review on The Prodigurls Bvlgari Brown

 Ms.Bvlgari Brown !

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(This is early evening lighting: both the lenses and my hair are actuallytlighter)

( Without Lens vs With Lens)
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Enlargement: 8.5/10 -  Gods know the actual DIA of these lenses (closer to 15.0), as the packaging has an inaccurate 16.0mm listed    ( -.-'). The enlargement they give my eyes is actually rather noticeable: equivalent to maybe a 14.7 ~ 14.8 mm lens.

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Colour/ Design: 9.5 /10 - These lenses remind me, in colour, of the I.Fairy Kirei Brown. They both have a pale-looking brown. ( This brown can look almost greyish in some lightings~.) They also remind me of the GEO Angel Brown when seen from a distance, in term of design. In any case, this lens is very dolly and the colour has great visibility, even there is not much coverage/coloured area.

(Close UP)
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Comfort: 10/10 - These were some of the comfiest lenses I have ever worn <3
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Sample photos:
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All in that. it is as I said in the video review: I like these lenses a lot more than I thought I would. Brown lenses, to me, tend to be more subtle and natural-looking. However. these are pleasantly not subtle. Haha. The enlargement is pretty noticeable, but I don't even notice with their colour and design. Favourite ( not natural-looking) brown lens? The Bvlgari Brown.

You can watch the video review on Youtube, as below.


All the photos above are credited to Noxin (Chantal)
The original link could be found here

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