Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Candylicious lens is directly imported from Korea GnG & Dueba &  Vassen company. These factories, got good reputation in all around the world. We turned these lenses into our new Candy OEM. They are pretty comfortable. I'm personally been wearing cosmetic lenses (-1.00) for almost 4 years. Nothing goes wrong with my eye sights, nonetheless, recently my eyesights have been reduced -0.25 step.

My experience: I started to consume a supplementary food named 'Natberry PLUS' in January 2011. It is traditionally used to relieve tired eyes. I'm not doing advertising on this product, I didn't get any pay by the company. This was my personal experience and I would like to share it with contact lens' lovers/friends without any intention to earn money. Sharing is caring!

Early in March, I went to an optical shop to buy a spectacle. I went through a checking and was shock when the optometrist told me that my eyesight for both eyes is -0.75. He then suggested me to continue wearing -1.00 for contact lens, while -0.75 for spectacle. What you have to do is just take good care of your eyes and be more hygiene when handling contact lenses. Do remember to change your lens case every 3 months. Please bear in mind that although the life span for these lenses are 1 year, but I usually wear them for 6 months.

For your information, our new series such as ViVi, Miu, Flora, Peach, Berry, Hanabi, Eclipse, Crystal3Tone and Bambi3Tone are produced by Vassen. And Vassen is brotherhood company with Sunnbon, which produced lenses named I.fairy. Hence, those series stated above and I.fairy are the same. The reason why Candy is cheaper than I.fairy, mainly because we use our OWN Candylicious OEM.

We sell only authentic lenses!

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