Monday, July 23, 2012

Review on Super Nudy Grey (Dueba)

Review: Super Nudy Grey

- Different lightings effect -

In terms of enlargement I thought these lenses did a wonderful job in making my eye appear bigger, rounder and more dolly. Being 16.0mm in size it didn't appear too big and was just right in complimenting my complexion with an overall animated dolly look. The colour is a very pretty and shimmery like crystals of grey that reflects a lot of light in making my eyes appear more attractive and brighter, compared to to 14.0mm Geo Nudy Grey these have a subtle yet noticeable black rim on the outer edges in making the eyes pop!! I think they blend very well with my natural brown eyes. Overall, I seriously love how cute and pretty they make my eyes look.

Very soft, flimsy, fiddly and easy to pop out than in, this is because it was difficult to distinguish from back to front. I accidentally wore them the wrong side in and it made my right eye sting, but when the right side in it provides outstanding comfort that lasts for long hours, I wore these for the maximum 8 hours and my eyes remained moist and healthy. Didn't shift about when blinking. Very comfortable without the need of using any eye drops, however they can make my eyes feel quite sensitive to the wind and I would start to tear up. 

♥ Lovely Shimmery Crystal Grey Colour
♥ Enhances the eyes in making them appear more animated and attractive
♥ Great enlargement in making eyes bigger, rounder and more doll-like
♥ Reflects a lot for light making eyes appear brighter and healthier
♥ Comfortable
♥ Able to wear for long hours without drying up
♥ Blends very well with my natural brown eyes 
♥ Doesn't shift about when blinking
 ♥Photogenic Lenses 
  ♥ Great for cosplay events 

 ♥ Difficult to tell the difference between front and back of lenses
 ♥  Very flimsy and fiddly
 ♥  Can wash out my features, need to apply make up to even out my complexion
 ♥ Makes my eyes slightly sensitive to wind 

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I think these lenses are adorable, I love the design and how cute it makes my eyes look. The thin black rim definitely made a bigger difference in iris size, what I loved most was that the rim wasn't too bold or too thick but in fact very subtle yet noticeable. I love the shimmery crystal grey colour and how it reflects plenty of light in making my eyes look brighter and rounder!! I love photogenic lenses and these are definitely something that's makes your eyes appear more attractive in a more animated subtle way in photos.
Comfort-wise I thought it could have been better if it wasn't too flimsy and delicate, if the lenses had a better distinguishably back and front, and if the lenses didn't make my eyes water in windy weather. They are actually very comfortable when wearing them the correct side in, indoors and can last for long hours without drying up.
Overall I give it a  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4/5!! 


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