Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review - Vanna 3 Tone Violet

 Most people have only heard of brands like GEO or EOS when, in fact, there are actually many more circle lens manufacturers! Some notable names are G&G, Dueba, i.Fairy, Vassen, Beuberry, etc etc. Today, I will be talking about two brands that aren’t as well-known but makes circle lenses of the same high-quality ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

These have got to be the most kawaii animal cases I have ever seen ☆彡
Green frog animal case~

The lenses have a dark gray outer rim as opposed to the usual black rim. There is a purple to orange gradient for the rest of the lens

The Vanna Violet resembles the design of GEO tri-color series.

Style: (★★★☆☆) The style is pretty ordinary. It’s no different from the colored lens you can get at your eye doctor’s office. This is one of the most natural designs and doesn’t look too abnormal. I actually prefer the Vanna Violet to the GEO tri-color green. The violet is actually visible and there’s no color distortion on my brown eyes. 
Enlargement: (★★☆☆☆) The enlargement is not significant. There is a clear outer rim which cuts into the diameter of the colored region. The colored part covers your iris nicely and no more than that. 
Comfortability: (★★★☆☆) The lenses are extremely comfortable. They feel more comfortable in my eye than the GEO tri-color. For some reason, I always end up seeing a ring of color when I wear lenses of this style and design. This pair isn’t as bad as the tri-color. No one else has this problem, so you shouldn’t either! I’m just weird.
These are my first pair of purple lenses. The color is very vibrant and I would recommend this to anyone who wants bright, purple eyes with little enlargement. I think unnatural colors and huge enlargement are a bad match. The Vanna Violet provide just enough enlargement with brilliant color.

Natural Light

With Flash

Thanks for reading~ ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


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