Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review - Celeb Super Nudy Brown

Cute Animal Lens Case
Purple bunny case~ I like that the bunny has two separate expressions  (☆^ー^☆) 

With Flash
With Flash
Natural Light
Natural Light

Style: (★★★★☆) The design is pretty plain. It’s one of the most basic styles you can find in circle lenses. Though, not everyone likes it’s grainy-looking texture. 
Enlargement: (★★★★★) The enlargement is the main reason why people buy Super Nudy lenses, aside from the design. They are 15mm and will make any eye look humongous. 
Comfortability: (★★★★☆) These are my second Super Nudy pair of lenses. The first being Super Nudy Gray that my best friend, JULIE, bought for me as a Christmas gift. For lenses of such size, they are actually extremely comfortable. 
While I would not recommend these 15mm lenses for first-time wearers, you should definitely try the regular Nudy series. It’s light brown, almost golden, color makes your eyes shine without being too dramatic. As for older circle lens wearers, the Super Nudy is one of the best style of lenses to try at 15mm enlargement. 
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Anonymous said...

Why all Super Nudys have weak color??

the-serenity22 said...

Hi Jade,

Not all Nudys are in weak colour. You can try on Dueba Super Nudy =) The celeb nudy and princess nudy are in weak colour/ looks duller ^^

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