Friday, July 27, 2012

Review - Candylicious Sweet 3 Tone Grey

Phwoar what a mouthful right? xD

So these are the lenses that I am going to review and to be honest, they are fantastic. I did a photo shoot afterwards because I just wanted to and didn't see the point glamming myself up and not taking pictures so let's get on with the review!!

Colour/Design = 9/10!

Yes, the colour is absolutely lovely. From the name of the lens, it has a three tone effect with the inner circle being a light brown which then blends into a light grey and then into a darker grey on the rim of the lenses. That sort of effect is absolutely beautiful because they make your eyes look so sweet and calm and almost innocent in a way!

I also think that the type of grey is different than that of the Sesame Grey. I'm not sure why but these feel more softer and give your face a soft gleam to it.

Enlargement = 8/10!

Yes, the enlargement is not as much as I had wanted them to be, but because they are a diameter of around 14-14.2mm, it's to be expected. Also, because of the fact that it doesn't have a dark ring around the outer edges, it's why it does not have such a big enlargening effect. I'm not that bothered by it because the design just kicks ass xD but I would have liked just a little more enlargement. These are perfect if you want your eyes to look really natural and even though they're circle lenses, they really don't look like them at all :3 That can be a good or bad thing depending on what type of lens you're going for :)

Because these are really natural, the type of make-up that would go with it is subtle, definitely not the dramatic make-up like Hime-gyaru and Rokku because it will overpower the lenses. Oneegyaru is absolutely fine for these!

Comfort = 8.5/10!

The reason why I gave it this rating is because it's not like my other lenses. These dry out my eyes after 2-3 hours; I think that if youure going to buy these lenses, you should only if you know that you're going to be wearing them for a short period of time, but my eyes would be completely different to yours so if you want to test them out longer than 3 hours, I strongly recommend doing it!!

Overall, these lenses are amazing and the most natural pair that I currently own. The way that it completely changes the face just from the colour is impeccable and if I didn't want to scare someone with Gyaru, then I would wear these. They make you look fresh and most of all, they enhance your beauty tenfold!!

You can view the video review on Youtube.


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