Friday, July 20, 2012

Review on Canary Grey

Candylicious Canary Grey

It was time to test these pretties out.
They are very soft but not very flimsy and pops in and out easily.
It was easy for me to tell whether or not the lenses were upside down or not before inserting as the bolder colours would be facing outwards and the inner colours are faint.

Being 16.0mm's in diameter it provided a massive iris enlargement in making my eyes appear more rounder, dolly and youthful. It is very glossy and reflects a lot of light whether indoors or outdoors. The colour of the grey is very eye catching and almost looks silver with a slight shimmer. They are very unnatural looking and I would say they're best for photo-shoots and Cosplaying!! The black rim around the lenses wasn't too thick but really made a difference in outlining my eyes. I usually only prefer wearing lenses that are 14.5mm as I found other 16.0mm lenses too big and made me look as if I had bug eyes. Surprisingly these Canary Grey Lenses are actually not that big in size and I think it compliments my eyes very well, however I think because the lenses are quite intense and unnatural looking - Make up is a must!! To even out my complexion overall.

From previous experiences with 16.0mm lenses would usually dry up my eyes very quickly but it's amazing how comfortable these Canary Grey Lenses are, it kept my eyes feeling healthy and moist even after wearing them for the recommended 8 hours max. I didn't experience any  irritations or red soreness whatsoever. I'm very impressed that these lenses sat perfectly on my eyeballs without shifting when blinking. I noticed that these lenses aren't super flimsy but very soft and easy to insert and take off. Overall great comfort that is extremely long lasting without the need of eye drops!!

 Great iris enlargement 
 Unique type of grey that is very eye-catching
 Great for Cosplay Events 
 Very Photogenic Lenses 
 Makes the eyes look rounder, bigger and more doll-like
 Glossy and shimmery
 Great Comfort
♥ Retains Moisture to the eyes
 Able to wear for long hours
 Makes your eyes pop

 ♥ Unnatural
 ♥ I think it's more suitable for Cosplay and Photo-shoots
 ♥ Does wash out my other features and needs make up to even out my complexion 
  ♥ When close up in reality my eyes look scary 

I thought these lenses were very unique, I love photogenic lenses that make my eyes look more pretty in photos. The colour is very attractive and with the black rim it makes my eyes more noticeable and very animated. Comfort is amazing, I'm very happy with how comfortable they are and how it doesn't dry up my eyes. Long lasting and easy to insert and take out.

However, I thought the lenses were very unnatural and I wouldn't wear these out simply to any event, only for Cosplay or just for photos. When close up in reality, yes I think the lenses look a bit scary. Didn't think the grey actually blended with my natural brown eyes very well as you can in the ''With Flash'' photo.

Other than that overall I give it a ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆  4/5 !!


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