Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something about the Dolly Eye Twilight Yellow

Thanks again to Jounka for the review! 

Lenses: The Dolly Eye
Model: Twilight Yellow 15.0mm

Link: Jounka's diary about this lenses.

Photos are credited to Jounka! ^^

What did she says about this lenses?
When these lenses first came out, I was really excited about them. But, at the same time, I was really cautious because I was afraid that these lenses were seriously edited in the promo photos. Turns out they are but they do not disappoint.

Close Up

Full Face

Colour/ Design:
Intense Yellow is all I'm going to say. They are really opaque and flat in design. They have a black limbal ring with spokes pointing inwards. They are a true strong yellow but because these contacts let some of your natural colour show through, they look slightly dirty yellow on my really dark eyes.

I wore these to cosfest on both days and they did not give me any problems at all. I really think that this is a really good alternative to the "Dolly Eye" series that offers a few more colour options and a bigger lens size.
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