Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review on I.Fairy Ruby Red

 Thanks to Noxin! 

Lenses: I.fairy
Manufacturer: Sunnbon
Model/ Colour: Ruby Red
Diameter: 16.2mm

Enlargement: 20/10 Great Osiris are these lenses big. They'r supposed to have an enlargment effect of some 15.2mm, ( their actual diameter, like all the iFairy lenses, is truly only 14.6mm) So.. yeah, I don't look too bad with them so long as I wear a bit of makeup

Colour/Design: 9.5/10 Um.. three words, red  circle lenses. Also, fifty-five more words: the colour is definitely, unabashedly, red. They're not super in-your-face red, like costume lenses are. There's abit of class to them, so to speak. The red is nice, even red, just  a bit darker than a crayon red. In direct light (indoor or out), though, they shine a cute candy apple red ♥ 

Comfort: 9/10 I wore them for 7 to 8 hours the other day to work ( where the big pics were taken), and they felt alright at the end of the day. :] Not as comfy as my EOS lenses, but for hitting the limit of wearing them in a day, they felt pretty darn good. (They just got a bit dry towards the end of the time.)

OVERALL:  I LOBE THEM MORE THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD. I kinda' thought I'd only wear these lenses once in a blue moon. However, they're actually fairly versatile for red lenses.

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