Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review on LuxuryBabe 02 Pink

The review of Luxurybabe 02 Pink is finally UP!
Click here for the FULL REVIEW written by MakeupPiggy

Lenses: Luxurybabe
Model: 02
Colour: Pink

Indoor Light

Compare: With lens, without lens

(Left) Luxurybabe (Right) Kira Kira Dolce

 Natural Light

Clockwise from top: Luxurybabe 02 Pink right side up, Big DM23 Pink, Luxurybabe 02 Pink upside down, Super Glamour Pink/ Jolie aka Hybrid Pink

Design: 9/10 - Some people might find them a but freaky to wear, but I think they look awesome.
Enlargement: 8/10 = You can never go wrong with a solid black outer ring
Comfort: 8/10 - They slide a wee but when worn, but it's probably my eyes being weird
Total: 8.5/10 - These are very cool lenses, and the color is unique as well!


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