Saturday, June 16, 2012

Black Lenses

Candy/ Super Barbie Melon 
Colour: Black and Choco Brown
Plano to -5.50

Super Barbie Lace Black
Plano to -8.00

Super Barbie Rose Black
Plano to -8.00

Candy BT-01 Black
Plano to -8.00 SOLD OUT

Candy Magic Black ADS
Plano Only SOLD OUT

Candy/ Super Barbie King Black
aka Hyper Black DM-22
Prescription: Plano to -10.00
*Most of the stock available in Plano

Candy Cherry Black
Plano Only SOLD OUT

Candy Nudy Black/ Super Barbie Nudy Black
Prescription: Plano to -10.00
* Most of the stock available in Plano

Candy/ Super Barbie Luna King Black
Prescription: Plano to -10.00


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