Thursday, May 30, 2013

Candy K12 Hermes in 17.0mm

 Candylicious Barbie Eye 

Name: Hermes (K-12)
Diameter: 17.0mm (Real Diameter)
WC: 48%   BC: 8.6
Manufacturer: Dueba
Code: X4
Yearly Disposal

K12 Hermes looks alike Angel Series, and yet they has a slightly thin limbal ring as compared to the latter ones. (Photo: Huriccane/ Wind 3 Tone 16.0mm & Hermes Green 17.0mm)
A photo tells all :D

Brown Grey: Plano to -6.00
Blue Green Violet: Plano Only

 Hermes Blue (0.00) Only
Review: Coming up soon! (:

  Hermes Violet (0.00 Only)


 Hermes Green (0.00 Only)

  Hermes Grey (0.00 to -6.00)

 Hermes Brown : Plano to -6.00

Review by Miki on Hermes Brown
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