Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review on Puffy 3 Tone Blue

Puffy 3 Tone Blue Review

Diameter: 14.5mm
Effect: 16.0mm
Base Curve: 8.60
Manufactured in Korea by Dueba
OEM: Candylicious and Dolly Eye

Close up

Includes card with how to care for your lenses

(with flash inside)
(outside lighting (sunny))
(with flash outside)

Enlargement: ✖ (4/5)
These lens definitely give that dolly look. Even though they aren't the big 16mm, they still have that enlargement effect. I love that don't look too big on me. I did wish they had a darker outer ring though. 

Color/Design: ✖ (4/5)
I love the color of these lenses. they're a really pretty blue. The design is really subtle. Nothing too crazy. Overall the color beats the design. So if you really want a good pair of blue circle lens, I recommend these.

Comfort: ✖(4/5)
These lenses are pretty comfortable. They did dry out my eye a little bit (but I didn't have enough sleep). So make sure your well rested. Overall they were comfy.

Overall I really like these lenses. I've always wanted a blue pair, but didn't know which ones to get. I'm really glad I was sponsored these so thanks so much apple of your eyes. I hope you all like this review. See you all next time ❤.

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