Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big Nudy Series 16.5mm

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Big Nudy Series

Name: Nudy 16.5mm (Candy OEM)
Manufacturer: Dueba
Water Content 42% - 48% BC: 8.6

*Pink is not available
*BLACK is available from Plano to -8.00

Black Grey Brown Plano to -8.00 in -0.25 per step
Blue, Violet, Green Plano to -8.00 in -0.50 per step

Hi guys! I've made comparison between ALL the Nudy series that available by Candylicious Dueba.

Big Nudy 16.5mm and Princess Nudy 14.7mm
Wow, such a HUGE different! :D

Kari is wearing Big Nudy Grey ^^
Read her review here

 Are you going to say that 0.5mm is not much different?

 * I love my Nudy 3 Tone Violet so much xD
They look beautiful!


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