Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gem 3 Tone ( Big Vanna 16.0mm)


Name: Gem 3 Tone 
or best known as Big Vanna Series
Diameter: 16.0mm
Water Content: 42% - 48 % Bc: 8.6

Available in Brown and Grey from  Plano to -5.00
Blue, Violet and Pink ( in 0.00 onlu)

 Compared with 14.0mm lenses, they look " O.o " to me ^^
The colour of Big Vanna is more intense

 Hana Brown 14.5mm (real diameter)
Big Vanna 16.0mm

 What can I conclude is that colour of  Big Vanna is more intense. 
It's like orange brownish =)

 Honestly, Big Vanna looks much MORE bigger than Super Nudy 16.0mm
What do you think?!  ^^

Both are new series: Big Vanna/ Gem 3T and Premium Luxury

Gem 3 tone/ Big Vanna Brown
Plano to -5.00

Gem 3 tone/ Big Vanna Grey
Plano to -5.00


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