Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review on Blizzard Grey

Review on Blizzard Grey (3 -Tone)

Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water Content: 45%
Diameter: 16mm

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Credited ALL photos to eyesland!

 With and without Lens

 Natural Lighting

With Flash

Colour and design  []
This is my first pair of big grey lenses! And i have to say i'm really pleased and amazed wof how natural this color looks ~ It's looks really natural and has a beautiful light grey color.

Comfort:  []
My eyes felt kinda irritated after wearing this for  hours. Using these lenses with eyedrops is surely recommended!

Enlargement:  []
Very big and dolly enlargement, absolutely love it!

Beautiful lenses but not recommended without eyedrops! 
but i think that is really depends on each person who wears lenses

Compare: Geo Tricolour Grey 14mm & GEO Blizzard Grey 16mm

Close Up

Full Face 

Credited to eyesland  


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