Friday, October 19, 2012

New rule on return policy.

Return Policy

Check it out here. Rule #12
Once opened, No REFUND nor REPLACE

Reasoning 1: We used to take photos of lenses for our buyers and emailed them before the shipment take place. This is mainly because we wanted our buyers to have a look and check on their lenses. Hence, there is no way to seek for refund or replacement once the vials are opened.

Reasoning 2: Refer to Reasoning (1), buyers do have chance to look and check on the photos. Therefore, they had agreed with the lens condition before we ship them out.

If there is a manufacturing problem, kindly take a photo and show us the defected part. You can circle the defect part with RED or BLACK.


This is kinda of HILARIOUS right?! 
Seriously, the supplier refused to send me a replace for this defect lenses since I opened the vial already. This is the first time I faced such defect case. Review of this Prodigurls Absolute  Ms. Dolce will be posted next week. Hopefully, I would not look awkward with this lenses. 

Latest update:
Sorry guys, that I do not do review on this particular lenses because every time I look at them, I feel so frustrated! Finally, I'd "abandoned" this pair of Fynale Prodigurls, Ms Dolce already xD Seriously, I dare not try something which I feel insecure on my precious eyes!


Anonymous said...

what brand and model are those lenses?

the-serenity22 said...

Hi, They are from Fynale - Prodigurls Series (Ms. Dolce)

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