Monday, December 3, 2012

Dueba: Mavis 3 Tone Series

Name: Mavis 3 Tone
OEM by Candy (Plano Only), Disney Lens and Barbie
Manufacturer: Dueba
Diameter: 16.0mm WC: 42% - 48%

Brown/ Grey : Plano to -6.50
Blue: Plano to -3.00
Violet/ Green: PLANO Only
(* -0.50 per step)

Aegis/ Mavis 3 Tone Blue
Plano to -3.00

Aegis/ Mavis 3 Tone Brown
Plano to -6.50

Aegis/ Mavis 3 Tone Grey
Plano to -6.50

Aegis/ Mavix 3 Tone Violet
Plano to -3.00


THT Christina said...

These are pretty :D I have seen them a lot but have yet to try them!

the-serenity22 said...

Yes, they are pretty. I remembered you wear prescribed lenses (r: -2.75, l: -2.50). Unfortunately, they comes with -0.50 per step.

Anonymous said...

how much are these?:3
my precription is (r:-6.oo, l:-6.50) i'm blind >.<

the-serenity22 said...

Hi, they are $20 before discount =) Kindly email me at

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