Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Diamond Bling 3 Tone

Candylicious Barbie Eye   
Model: Bling 3 Tone
Code: OAK3
Diameter: 16.0mm
WC: 48%    BC: 8.6
Manufacturer: Dueba, Korea
Grey Brown ( Plano to -8.00)
Blue Violet ( Plano to -5.50)
Green Pink in PLANO Only

** PINK is available

Real Life Photo

 Prescriptions: Plano to -5.50

 Prescriptions: PLANO Only

Prescriptions:  Plano to -8.00

Prescriptions:  Plano to -8.00

Prescriptions: Plano to -5.50


Xue Li said...

Oeh those are pretty :)

xo asnfashion.blogspot.com

the-serenity22 said...

Are they?! Do you wanna do review on this lenses? Haha.. Frankly speaking, I am not into "blink blink" stuffs. I am so regret for getting myself a pair Luxurybabe 26 Brown. They look so fake without makeup - like a CAT EYES.

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