Monday, August 13, 2012

Review on Candy Bling Violet

Here is the review on Bling Violet!

 With Flash

 No Flash

Full Face Photo

My overall opinion
These lenses were really uncomfortable for me. I don't know if it's because they are 16mm or it's the brand. However, when I blink, the lenses felt very uncomfortable and I could feel it, which is not a plus.

Color & Design: 
The design were quite pretty and it's not too dramatic. I also love the color because purple is one of my favorite, however the color didn't show very well so it looks a bit gray. Regardless, I don't really mind because it makes the lenses very subtle.

These lenses are really big and the biggest I've worn so far, being 16mm in diameter. When I wear the lenses, I can definitely see the difference when I have one lens on one eye.

I like this lens because I love the color and design but I wish the comfort level increase for me. I suppose I will give it a few more wears and see if it's still comfortable or not. 


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