Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review on Candy Angel Pink ( Barbie King Size)

Manufacturer: Dueba
Lens Name: Candy Angel / Pop C Light/ Barbie King Size
Colour: PINK
Water Content: 48%
Diameter: 16.0mm Yearly Disposal

DESIGN: 5.00 /5.00
Seriously I looove the design,as always I love the King Size series because it has a thick limbal ring and then >.< a loy of swirly black things in the middle of the lens and the pattern is amazing... that's probably the reasin why I adore king size series except the grey ones - because they look like I don't know freaky I suppose? Although many list the grey one as their favourite ... x_x

ENLARGEMENT: 5.00 /5.00
They do their job you know and they're really enlarging. The enlarge like crazy - no kidding >.<

 COLOUR: 5.00 /5.00
I'd definitely say that they're pink, they're super super vibrant as I believe they are personally I think it's awesome and however it's not a daily wear for me xD because it's too dramatic but I like that though but I think I'll wear them occasionally ^___^

COMFORT: 4.50/ 5.00
:P the lenses felt really comfortable - I can't complain about that =)
Shipping + Customer Service + Prices = Perfect so definitely check them out and don't forget to use my coupon code DC10

OVERALL: 4.75 / 5.00
I think there lenses are stunning, absolutely!!! I highly recommend these lenses if you search for a pair of lenses that say POP >_< AND LOOK SO captivating O_O I don't mind if I look like a cat or something such like xD it's amazing!!!

THANK YOU ALLY <333 p="p">


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