Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stock Clearance


*Price shown is NOT inclusive shipping
update on 16th Oct 2012
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Items listed below are only available in 2 vials (1 pair)

Ifairy Hana Violet -4.25/-4.25 USD15
I.Fairy Haru Grey -4.25/-4.25 USD15
KimChi Bambi Grey -3.50/-3.75 USD15
Ruby Red -4.00/-4.00 USD15
Japan Barbie Hyper Size Brown -2.50/-2.50 USD15
GEO WBS-204 Bella Brown -3.25/-3.50 USD15

Candy Sweet 3 Tone Hazel (0.00/0.00) USD12 (sold)

EOS - Misty Series look alike:
Magic 3 Tone Violet (0.00/0.00) USD12
Review here

  Magic 3 Tone Blue (0.00/0.00) USD12

Max Pure/ Dreamyi Pink (-1.00/-1.50) USD12

 Roller/ Barbiedoll 400 Grey  (-1.00/-1.50) USD12

 Sugar Candy Grey  (0.00/0.00) USD12

Lolli Kristal Brown  (0.00/0.00) USD12
Review here

GEO CM901  (0.00/0.00) USD15 (SOLD)

Pearl Brown -4.75/-4.75 USD12

Bambi Pink 0.00/0.00 USD15

Japan Barbie eye Blue 0.00/0.00 USD15

Dolly Eye- 14.5mm lenses♥

Ace Black 14.5mm

Prescription: 0.00 to -10.00
Yearly Disposal
38% water content

Candylicious Barbie Eye

Manufacturer: GNG Dueba
Lens Name: Candylicious Barbie
Life Span: ONE year
Contents: 52% Polyhema, 48% Water
Base Curve: 8.60

Dueba Pop Queen 16.0mm
Prescription: 0.00 ONLY
Pop Queen Violet
Pop Queen Grey
Pop Queen Green
Pop Queen Brown
Pop Queen Aqua

Dueba Candy Magic 16.0mm
Grey Brown Blue 0.00 to -10.00
Violet Pink Green 0.00 to -6.00

Dueba Candy Fairy 16.0mm
Brown, Blue,Gray 0.00 to -6.00
Violet, Green 0.00 to -5.00

Dueba Candy Twinkle 15.0mm
Prescriptions: 0.00 ONLY

Dueba Dark Wind 15 mm

Devil Pink 16.0mm
Prescriptions: PLANO only

Super Puzzy 16.0mm
Prescriptions: 0.00 to -6.00
Super Pussy Pink
Super Pussy Violet
Super Pussy Grey
Super Pussy Green
Super Pussy Brown
Super Pussy Aqua