Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dueba Barbie Tony A21 Series

Dueba/ GNG A21 Series

Diameter: 14.2mm
Known as Dueba Barbie Tony
Manufacturer: Dueba GNG
WC: 42% - 48%   BC: 8.6
Brown (0.00 to -6.00)
Grey (0.00 to -5.00)
in -0.50 per step only

Feedback from Ally:
Hey guys! This series is currently FAVOURITE one! Here is my feedback about this series.

Close Up

* No make, no fake eyelashes. They look pretty natural on my eyes.

They come in smaller diameter which is 14.2mm, someone claimed it to be 14.0mm only. I had tried I.Fax E1 Brown before thus I am pretty sure that the A21 Brown is more than 14.0mm. For your information, this lenses is not for enlargement purposes. If you are looking for a BIG and DOLLY contact lenses, this is definitely not your choice. In fact, I had a hard time with smaller diameter lenses after been wearing bigger lenses, for example, 16.0mm, for years. After been using this brown lenses for almost 3 weeks, I was like fell in love with them! Though they are small, they gave me a natural look.

Well, I am always comfortable with Dueba/ GNG brands. I had been wearing them for more than 8 hours from 8 o'clock in the morning. No dryness nor irritation. They are now my daily wear lenses! ^^

They are two-tone lenses, where there is a thin limbal outer ring. I was so surprised when I put them into my eyes for the first time. They blended perfectly with my eye and is difficult to tell  that I am wearing lenses. They are the MOST natural lenses that I ever had!

Overall: 5/5
 I personally do not have a large/ big eyes and the size of this lenses is just right for me without being look alike an alien :D As a conclusion, I LOVE this series so much! Hence, I got myself A21 Grey a couple of days ago! Yay! However, I still have a lots of 16.0mm lenses unopened ): Perhaps, I will host a giveaway! Anyone with -1.00, here is your chance to grab some lenses from my store!!! Due to the huge changes in shipping fee, I will not offer free shipping and hence, this might be the downside of the giveaaway! What do you think? Are you guys/girls willing to pay for the shipping fee ? Please email me your thoughts at theserenity22@gmail.com for using the contact form.


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