Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Candylicious ♥ Luxury Premium $20

Candylicious Luxury Premium ( NEW)
Diameter: 16.5mm
Manufacturer: Dueba Korea
Water Content: 42 % - 48%
Life span: 1 Year after opening, or 5 years from the manufacturing date
*Frost series would be distributed by Candylicious in new name - Luxury Premium

GREY: Plano to -8.00 ( in -0.25 per step)

 Compared the Luxury Premium with Luxurybabe 10
*The diameter of LP  is definitely BIGGER than Luxurybabe

Another photo showing comparison between Luxurybabe lenses and Candy Luxury Premium

  Both are new arrival of Candylicious.
Luxury Premium: 16.5mm (with pearl shine under sunlight)
Candy Bubble: 16.0mm

 Review on Grey Luxury Premium

BLUE: Plano to -8.00 ( in -0.50 per step)

BROWN: Plano to -8.00 ( in -0.25 per step)

VIOLET: Plano only

GREEN in Plano only


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do you do dropship ?

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