Friday, May 4, 2012

Prodigurls - Review on Chanel Grey

Updating my new photos of Chanel Grey

Close Up with Flash from the camera :)
It looks grey only with the flash light. All the times, they look black on my eyes LOL

My Experience:
The colour of this series is quite dark. For those who prefer vibrant or bright grey lenses, this lens is strongly not recommended for you, as you might be regretted! :D It looks like black on me, sometimes. They are more to natural ones.
Today is my first day of wearing this. So far, they are pretty comfortable and I did not feel the dryness after wearing for 7 hours since morning. You guys can give it a try! It's worthy! :D

This is the Eye Zoom from catalogue!

View inside the vials!

Close Up
Taken in car with normal light

Full Face ^_____^


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