Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear all,

We would like to announce that our agentship with the EOS has been terminated somewhere in April mainly because we did not give them orders as usual. We did not know that they sent us defect lenses until we received a complaint from buyer. We contacted them for the exchange, yet got no reply/response from them. The way they handled this problem was too irresponsible. We are hesitated now whether we should reapply the agentship or not.

Please vote here.

However, those who interested can request us to help to get the said lenses. But we are so sorry that we could not offer the same price as Candy/Barbie, which means NO vip or facebook fans discounts, until we have made our final decision. Please do understand ^^ Below is the lowest price that we could offer for EOS lenses at this moment.

EOS: $19.90 + shipping
(Not include in the promotion for VIP, Buy 3 get FREE shipping)


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